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Marketing Case Studies

Here are some of the businesses I’ve helped with my marketing services. In these marketing case studies, you can see how they grew their audiences, reach, and revenue by following my plan!

I want to help you grow your business as I did with these businesses. Work with me and see how well data-driven marketing can really work!


Industry: Healthcare

Project: Email Marketing and Automation for a sales promotion on their products and services. 

Goal: Purchase

Key Performance Indicators: Revenue


Email Opens Rate: 26%
Email Click Rate: 5%
Revenue: +60%

After building out a digital e-form and creating an enticing email campaign, we successfully increased their promotional revenue by 60%.


Neck injection at dermatolist. Marketing case studies for a Dermatology
Social Media Instagram expert - Marketing Case Studies


Industry: Influencer

Project: Creating educational content for their followers

Goal: Education and Community Building

Key Performance Indicators: Impressions, Engagement, and Shares


Instagram Impressions: +60%
Instagram Engagements: +160%
Instagram Shares: +675%

By creating an educational Instagram post on time-sensitive news, their audience appreciated the information, and their shares increased by 675%.


Industry: Retail

Project: Creating a landing page, Facebook/Instagram ad campaign, and email automated sequences 

Goal: Brand Awareness and Buiding an Email List

Key Performance Indicators: Email List Subscribers


Email Audience Increase: +700%
Email Open Rate: 56%
Email Click Rate: 35.2%

As a new company but with a large Instagram following, we were looking to build her email list to get in front of new audiences.

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