10 Content Marketing Hacks to Start Attracting Your Clients

Content marketing: Blogging tips and tools

In order to compete in your industry, there are a few things you will need. Perhaps the most important is website marketing. This means creating website content that website visitors want to consume and share with their friends on social media sites. In this Content Marketing Hacks guide, I will give you 10 tips on getting started.

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1. Choose your content marketing strategy wisely

You need to choose one that will work best for your niche and target audience. That might mean starting a blog, making videos, or publishing great content regularly on your website. Figure out what the best for you and go from there.

2. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

If you want website marketing to work for you, it should be optimized for any device. That means website traffic from smartphones to desktops can view the website correctly. Elementor allows you to check the desktop, tablet, and phone responsiveness while building out a webpage. This will enable you to reach people no matter their device.

3. Write website-worthy content

Content is king when it comes to website marketing. You have to create original website-worthy content for people to read. This means your website’s blog posts should be well researched and offer value in one way or another.

4. Use website marketing content promotion channels

Once your website-worthy content is published, you should use website marketing to promote it. That means getting the word out through social media, email newsletter subscriptions, and other website marketing services.

5. Always be learning

Website marketing is constantly evolving, so you have to be prepared to learn new things. Keep up with the latest changes and trends in website marketing so that you can stay ahead of your competition. They’re sure to be doing the same!

6. Use website design principles

Your website’s design should also reflect website marketing goals. Make sure strategic website design principles are used so that visitors stay longer and explore more of your website. This will help with website marketing results in the long run.

7. Consider website content marketing services

Not every business has the time or money to do everything themselves. That’s where website marketing services come in handy! They can help with website design, content creation, SEO, website marketing strategy, and more!

8. Ask your website visitors what they want

Maybe you aren’t sure what type of content your audience really needs. That’s okay- just ask them! Then create it for them! You can use social media or email to contact website marketing prospects and find out how they prefer to consume content.

9. Use website marketing tools

Utilize website marketing tools to help with website design, website content creation, website SEO, website traffic analysis, and more! Many website marketing tools can make the process easier for you. My favorite SEO tools are Google Keyword Planner, CoSchedule Headliner, and YoastSEO.

10. Have fun with it!

Website marketing can be a lot of fun, especially when you see results. Keep up the good work, and enjoy what you’re doing! You’ll be more likely to stay consistent that way.

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However, it can be challenging when you’re unsure where to start or what tools are out there for website marketing services. When creating an effective content marketing strategy, you can reference this article to help you with website marketing to website design.

If you have any questions or need help with your website marketing, please feel free to get in touch at my contact page.

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I’m Lisa Lam-Phaure. I’ve been obsessed with marketing for over 10 years and counting. 

I would love to help your business create more impact with an intentional digital marketing strategy based on your business analytics, market analytics, and a splash of creativity.

P.S. My last name is pronounced “Lamb Four.”


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