Marketing Collateral: How Do I Promote My Business with Digital Marketing Materials?

Marketing Collateral - How Do I Promote My Business with Digital Marketing Materials

Marketing collateral is a tool you can use to promote your business, to deliver information about products or services. There are two types of forms of marketing collateral- digital marketing materials are on screens, and print marketing materials are in printed form.

What Are the Different Types of Marketing Collateral?

Marketing Collateral can be divided into two categories: digital and print. 

  • Digital marketing materials are things you use on the internet like websites, social media, and emails.
  • Print marketing materials is printed and put on paper to see it like flyers, brochures, posters, or business cards.

Digital Marketing Materials

Digital marketing materials are a great way to share information about your company, and it is an easy, cost-effective option. Having marketing assets like graphics and videos is a great way to reach a large pool of potential customers online.

When creating digital marketing collateral, you have a few different options. One popular way to make them is using design software such as Canva and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Canva is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can pick up quickly. The Canva Pro has templates and other resources that you can use to make your marketing materials. If you want, you can resize your design to the best size for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

You may make high-quality videos with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, which has a number of useful tools. My favorite Premiere Pro feature is the speech-to-text tool, which allows you to transcribe and caption in a matter of minutes while also editing the captions to match your brand standards.

Although Premiere Pro is more expensive and complex than Canva, it will allow you to produce videos that set you apart from the competition.

You have a lot of different designs to choose from for marketing through printed materials. One popular way to create print material is using a graphic design program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator is a program that allows you to create graphics for flyers, brochures, and posters. For those who are new to design, it may not be the best solution because it is expensive and complicated. Therefore, Canva would be the best option for you.

One downside of printed marketing materials is that they can be expensive and hard to distribute. As a result, you need to be careful when planning your print marketing campaigns.

A digital marketing materials in a hotel

Here’s How to Make Marketing Collateral That Doesn’t Suck

No matter what type of marketing collateral you decide to use, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

One big thing is always to remember the marketing collateral’s purpose and who it is for. Is your marketing purpose to persuade people to buy your product, inform them of your business location, or help them get in contact with you?

Additionally, visually appealing marketing collateral will appeal to your target audience. Whereas, poorly designed materials will be ignored by potential customers.

Finally, it is crucial to make sure that marketing collateral is up-to-date. Old or outdated marketing material might make people think you are not doing a good job and as a result, you might lose sales.

Do you want to learn how to market your business effectively? Read on.

There are several ways you can use marketing collateral to promote your businesses effectively. 

  • Create brand awareness. You will be able to generate interest in your products/services or the brand itself and strengthen relationships with your current clients.
  • Generate leads. For example, if a company offers a free consultation or trial service, they can use marketing collateral such as a brochure or flyer to promote this offer.
  • Promote events or sales. You can give potential customers coupons or flyers that they can bring when they shop. 

By using marketing collateral effectively, businesses can increase sales and grow.

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You can use digital marketing collateral to promote your business in a variety of ways.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to effectively use marketing collateral, or if all of this seems daunting and you want assistance implementing these ideas. Let me know!

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